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Sports Tourism

Why a Sports Tourism

Hello, everyone my name is Walter Grunfeld and i am a professional sport coach due because to my work obligations and my passion for sports from my youth I was travelling many years by many countries and different cultures.

I had the opportunity to experience and live in these places in all continents being in contact not only with the sport life also the cultures, people, food and thye touristic places in each city I enjoy.

During my travelling I thought and imagine to develop a proyect that would give the possibility to people from all the world and which enjoy the sport to live a perfect and amazing combination of the sports you like and also enjoy the opportunity to discover all the charms of the city of BARCELONA can offer from all points of view.

I am based in Barcelona for the last 12 years even I continue travelling and I found a really wonderful city with thousands of different ways to live it and get in touch with the deeper soul of this marvelous city.

MUSIC / SPORTS / FOOD / CULTURE / ART / TOURISTIC PLACES / HISTORY / OWN IDENTITY and we can continue to a no limit ways of enjoy our time here.

BARCELONA is a city the city that make me feel at home and gave me all the things and feelings I was looking for so long and adding to this finally I realized that here I discovered the perfect place to develop my old idea, then I put myself into working and get life to this proyect and bring it out to the all people to have a great and perfect time because Barcelona has all the things we need and required to combine the sport life and the holidays we wish.

My idea is to offer you a complete package that will give you the opportunity to have the same experience I had in my life and that we can share it together.

  • BST born from this feelings and lived experience hoping that everyone can enjoy the same.

  • BARCELONA and CATALUNYA is a place where you can find everything imaginable ready and waiting for you to enjoy it and have a great time.

    BST gives you the opportunity to live all this activities you like in the same city without having to travel far.

    BST offers you to practice any sport you are passionate about and develop and develop for you a personal and individual program according to your ideas and plans desire by you.

  • We will complement your sporting activities with the tourist side where you will find yourself going to all different kind of places you demand and we recommended to visit.

    BST can also add more and different ideas to make the perfect plan for you to enjoy the most of your time here with us.


We offer all kind of sports programs and also we attend to any kind of request you might have for us to please your ideas and holidays.

  • Tennis
  • Paddle
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Water sports
  • Horses
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Kite surf
  • Wind surf
  • Rugby
  • Water sky
  • Snow skying
  • Paddle surf
  • Rafting
  • Kayak

This are some of the options you can choose and have here with us.

  • All the sports program are directed by experienced and highly qualified coaches.
  • The sports facilities are located near the hotel or any lodging you have decided to stay in Barcelona.
  • All facilities are a first class and have everything you need for a great workout/training of first level.
  • Programs range are from (1 week to 2 weeks) throughout the year.
  • We can organize any special activity during weekends under demand.
  • The sports programs are develop normally during mornings and tourist visits/plan in the afternoon/night,(plan can change depending the day program).


  • We offer you to visit and live the city of BARCELONA in a way that you with get inlove with it.

  • Touristic plan develop under customer demand.
  • We offer all different kind of visits.
  • Possibility of having a personal professional guide.with you full time to enjoy discover and experience even more your hollidays.
  • Driver on request.

All kind of music. Disco / theater / events and more options to enjoy the night time.


F1 / tennis / soccer / basketball / motorbikes, and many more...


Restaurants tipical Spanish/dinner and show.


Museum / Gaudi / Dali and many more amazing places to enjoy culture and art.


Sagrada Familia / Parc Guell / Maremagnum / La Pedrera / BARCELONA F.C. Museum (Full visit).


Port Aventura / Tibidabo / WaterParks and more to enjoy funny places.



We provide and offer you all kind of different options to stay here in BARCELONA and give you the option to choose which kind of lodging you prefer to rest at night after a great day.

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