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What is bsc

    We are a team of sports people that we dedicate our lives to develop young players in different sports for two reasons:

  • 1


    To build experience, understanding and the spirit of the sport.

  • 2


    To give the young players the opportunity to live one of the most fun experiences when at the same time work on improve their level and knowledge in the sport they practice and love.

  • Offer

    We offer the option to choose from several different sports such as (tennis/ soccer/ basketball/ watersports / paddle) and more joining us in a wonderfull place to live this experience together in Barcelona. We personally think that the experience for the children to be part of a sports camp is one of the special moments they all should enjoy living and sharing this time/hollidays during the earliest years of their lifes.

  • Program

    The opportunity to be in a different enviroment and practicing the sport they have choosen together with a high quality and specialist coaches working with them and join a spectacular program, will make this trip a wonderfull experience to remenber forever.

Why spain, why barcelona

  • sports is part of the daily

    Because Spain is one of the nations leading sports culture showing improvements year after year and the international recognition of all the sports world. Spain is a country where the sports is part of the daily life and home of champions on several sports, such as (Soccer/Tennis/Basketball), getting respect and showing both individual and teams sports stars who leads the highest competitive level wherever in the world they compete. Barcelona is a city with all the sports facilities where much of the succes lies in the spanish sport.

  • great climate during all year

    Barcelona has also a great climate during all year long and is the perfect place to enjoy even more this experience with magnificent beaches, places and cultural sites to visit and lovely people to meet. Here in Barcelona we can offer all the different sports you can practice and with the best structures to develop them to the best level you can wish.

Our System

    • Specific programs

      All our sports camp at BSC are structured, planned and developed to provide a specific and personalized program to our groups of all ages from (8 to 18) years old to improve all their needs, searching to achieve their goals and better results in the future. For Bsc is very important to work with our groups in a very professional way and try to help them understand, practice and correct all the details about their favourite sport.

    • Different levels

      In consecuence we work in order to make them better players more mature and aware of the inner life of their sport. Our programs are developed for groups of different levels and ages, to enjoy an incredibly and productive time during their stay with us. BSC programs are specifically planned for each group and develop a customized program depending on the needs and requierements you are looking for.

  • Groups of all ages (8 to 18)
  • professional and quality
  • Improve your productivity
  • Focused on your needs
  • Practice your favorite sport
  • Help you achieve your goals

Spanish classes

  • possibility to learn Spanish

    BSC offers the camp groups the possibility to learn from the basic to advanced notions of Spanish during the time they spend here in Barcelona. Spanish languages programs was develop for each particular group and will be carried out during or after their chosen sport program. The sport language program is open to the groups to decide how long and how many days during the week they wish to participate and receive classes. BSC believes that it is a very important supplement for all young players to enjoy the sports camp but also benefit more during the time they practice her in Spain.

  • This program is optional and I will be happy to inform and include it in the camp program for your children.

contact info

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Address: Barcelona

Hours: 10am-8pm PST M-Th; 10am-3pm PST Fri


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